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Derrick's Campaign Dylan/Nick Empty Derrick's Campaign Dylan/Nick

on Wed Oct 03, 2018 9:13 am
A myriad of slave warriors were enroute to Wrostras, a temperate island that had recently been found during an expedition. Spearheading this operation was the Special Inquisitor, a figure whose accomplishments were well known across the Empire. More than once had hushed whispers about the Inquisitor's blade slithered their way through ranks of the rowmen, those who drew the shortest end of the stick according to Mor Mortayn law.

In the grand expanse of the Empire luck was the judge, dolling out tasks to prisoners based on lottery. You are currently positioned at the top deck of the Inquisitor's flagship, standing in a group among twenty or so of your peers, each of you dressed rather modestly for prisoners. You were brought here by the guards who stood behind you, reminding you to keep calm with both spears and chains. They hardly filled you in, giving hardly any info as to why the Inquisitor wanted you front and center.
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